The 1903 Charles and Martha Brown House was built by                                                                                           The mission of SHF was always to create  a

one of Stayton’s most prominent business families. The                                                                                              community gathering space where new

Browns lived in  the house until after Charles’ death in 1925.                                                                                      memories can  be made. Now that the first

Then it was Stayton’s first Hospital from 1928-1939 with at                                                                                        floor is essentially finished, the space is

least  106 babies born there. The house was owned the longest                                                                                    available for use for parties, business

by the Weddle Family between 1949 and 1987.                                                                                                            meetings, pop-up stores and shows, and

Today we are fortunate enough to have the exterior and                                                                                                special community events.

first floor restored, and we have the collections of Ernst Lau,                                                                                        For more information about our facilities

noted Stayton Historian, and photos from the Brown Family                                                                                         and rates see     EVENT RENTALS

depicting life in the early 1900’s.

For more History of the house, see HISTORY OF BROWN HOUSE 


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