Year-end Donations

History of Brown House

When the Santiam Heritage Foundation was formed to save the 1903 Brown House 17 years ago, it was decided that it would ultimately be turned into an event center for the community. Not a museum. A place for new memories to be made. Music. Art. Community Events. Private parties. We have now reached the point that we can open the house to more events. But we can not stop here.

The plans for the second floor have always been that it would become office space for businesses or nonprofits. Another important community use. Part of Old Town Stayton’s Revitalization. And a way for the Center to support it’s operating costs. And we don’t want to wait another 17 years for it to happen. We are on our way!

We need the community’s help. While we work in every way possible to raise the funds needed, it has taken a LOT of community support to get us this far. It will take a LOT of community support to get us to the next step. As part of our 2017-2018 Capital Campaign, we are launching our year-end giving program to boost donations and give the community a chance to be part of the process.  Right through the end of the year.

Get a tax break. Give to a good cause that will benefit Stayton and the whole canyon. Support your community.


or send a check to: Santiam Heritage Foundation

PO Box 161  Stayton, OR 97383


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